The Veritas Deception

Set neatly at the crux between political thriller and religious fantasy, The Veritas Deception opens when a US senator arrives at the door of Jack Logan, journalist, claiming that he’s about to be assassinated. Jack, a character who has clearly lived in interesting times, is skeptical, but sends out feelers to keep track of that particular politician—just in case. When the man turns up dead less than a week later, Jack realises that he may be the only one who can unravel the events leading to the senator’s death, and almost certainly the only person able to keep the senator’s widow, Jack’s childhood girlfriend, from falling prey to the same fate. However, even Jack doesn’t realise how far down the rabbit hole this mystery may require him to go…

The book is well-written, with a complex, twisty plot. Events from the Nazi era combined with Christian mythology have far-reaching effects in modern-day US politics, resulting in a web of crooked politicians, corporations on the take, and assassinations, with each new page unveiling new connections. Jack Logan, the protagonist, is a strong anti-hero type, with the kind of background that can best be described as chequered. I, personally, found that the insistence that divorce and the pro-choice movements were instigated by Nazis escapees to bring down humanity was enough to turn me off towards the end of the book, but nonetheless Lynne Constantine’s story-telling ability and technical skill definitely earnt this book its four stars. Fast-paced and cohesive, this book will appeal to fans of Indiana Jones and classic thrillers.

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