Uncertainty Principles

Krista Tibbs’ Uncertainty Principles brings together a very disparate group of students; their only common element a group study they’re required to complete in order to graduate. Their project focuses on electromagnetic disturbances, evolving from observations of EMF changes around a prayer group to an effort to try and measure whether or not living beings can cause measurable amounts of fluctuation. However, when they return from a data collection trip, they find themselves faced with a campus bomb scare, and they are all under suspicion. Their attempt to catch the bomber by measuring the EMF fields on campus has outcomes that none of them expected: so much so that it will shape the lives of each of them.

In Uncertainty Principles, Krista Tibbs draws together many of the issues we face today, from societal apathy to climate change, and posits the power of individuals to make a lasting difference, despite or because of personal struggles, flaws or differing beliefs. Character archetypes adeptly pencil in key segments of society, bringing their own influences and beliefs to bear on the story, from the anonymous money man to the maverick genius to the ultra-religious school teacher, but somehow, all their different angles illustrate the same theory. This book is a thought-provoking read, a powerful story over and above the sum of the questions it raises, well-structured and with characters who will draw you into their lives and views. If the questions the story poses don’t keep you turning the pages, the characters certainly will.

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite.

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