Seven Lives

She’s an agent for the British Secret Services, recruited for special assignment during the Troubles of the early 1990s, and sent undercover so often that she’s all but forgotten her original identity. For years, she’s followed orders, obtained information, killed the targets she’s pointed at, until a new assignment pulls her back to the UK, and the old, familiar tale of the Irish troubles. Following the trail of one of those rarities, a female IRA operative, she unknowingly pulls on threads that were meant to stay hidden, and the fallout spreads in a domino trail of deaths.

Seven Lives is a spy thriller set in the years when a pager was more common than a mobile phone, and the Internet was little more than a theory, against the bloody background of the ongoing violence of the Northern Irish conflict. The plot is complex and well-constructed, and the characters are clearly well-envisaged. For me, it was the technical aspect of the story that prevented this book from getting more stars. There were a number of repetitive editorial issues in the text, and in places the narrative would have benefited immensely from some polishing to remove the traces of awkwardness that detracted from the otherwise excellent read. I really feel that a strong edit would take this from a three-star rating to a four- or even five-star read – the book is well-paced and twisty, and certain to please thriller fans.

Seven Lives cover

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