Quick Fix (The Reluctant Hustler Book 1)

Quick Fix is a thriller whose protagonist showcases just how many ways trying to get rich quick can go wrong. Kyle Logan is down on his luck and trying to drown his sorrows in a bar when he’s served with divorce papers. Assaulting the lawyer who served them was one of those ideas that sounded better than it turned out to be, and Kyle finds himself reliant for income on an old associate running an art forgery con. Unfortunately, to con the South American Mob and the Irish Mob, you have to either be intelligent or lucky, and it’s remotely possible that Kyle and his associates don’t have what it takes…

While overall this is perfectly readable thriller, I have great difficulty getting into characters whose stupidity is the foundation of most of their troubles, and Kyle, with alcohol-fuelled impulse control issues and lousy judgement, was hard for me to really care about. This is one of those stories where each brilliant idea to fix the mess that the characters have got themselves into goes increasingly wrong, and most of the tension comes from watching them dancing along the disaster curve. That said, the author has a good sense of when to add a touch of detail to add realism to a setting, and one of the strongest elements in Quick Fix was the pacing. The storyline is well put together, and there were very few places where I felt any urge to start flicking ahead.

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