Operation: Hail Storm (Classroom edition)

Marshall Hail has invented the most revolutionary method of energy generation of our time; a reactor that will run on the dirty waste from older-style nuclear power stations, and produce, at the end, waste that is almost safe to handle. However, when his family is killed by religious fundamentalists, Hail turns his attention, and his fortune, to other ends; to technology and people who can enable him to reach out and kill anyone, anywhere. It’s making him the USA Executive’s new favourite problem-solver – and potentially, biggest problem.

Brett Arquette’s Operation: Hail Storm (Classroom Edition) is an interesting, high-tech thriller story in settings bound to excite any tech enthusiast, including super tankers reinvented as secret bases that carry cinemas and rail guns. A great deal of research clearly went into certain areas of the writing; in some cases, the amount of extraneous detail impacted the pacing, but overall the story was well-handled. Playing on the current enthusiasm for drones of all types, the author has created a thought-provoking plot in which drones are used to carry out everything from cutting through walls to high-level assassination. While I found that the writing would have benefited from a thorough copy-edit, by and large this was an enjoyable read, and I would recommend this for anyone fond of action and military-style thrillers.

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