Mortal Showdown

Mortal Showdown follows the continuing story of Ukrainian politician and businessman Mikhail Leonidovich Vorotavich, newly awakened from a bullet-induced coma and rapidly becoming aware that a Russian-backed sniper was only the start of his problems. With his brother in Russian hands as a hostage for his cooperation, his lines of information inextricably tangled by a month of his being out of touch, and his security force stretched thin, Mikhail is facing a series of unpleasant choices, any or all of which could mean his head. Entangled in intrigue stretching from the Kremlin to the Caymans to Kazakhstan, Mikhail’s choice of priorities is narrowing down to one: survival, personal and financial.

Nik Krasno’s gritty, action-packed and intrigue-fuelled story-telling makes for a great read, set with characters you’ll love to hate. Mortal Showdown offers confrontations where you can smell the stale vodka and cigarette smoke, view the international subterfuge, and experience the touch of the sticky fingers of the international financial markets, punctuated by drugs, women, and private jets. The contrast between the public, optimistic hopes of the Ukrainian people and the corruption-laced negotiations happening behind the scenes leaves a pithy comment on the realities of modern society, and whether Kazakh flame-eaters, Thai orgies, or black ops in darkened alleys is your thing, there’s a little something for every thriller reader in this novel.

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