Storm on the Horizon

Michael Scheffel’s Storm on the Horizon offers a behind the scenes view of world politics spiralling out of control, as the first rumblings of something amiss begin to percolate through the anonymous hands of the intelligence services. From Gibraltar to Afghanistan to Plymouth, the limited forces gather, supported by cruise ships and fishing fleets, to face a threat reported through a man whom no one trusts, by an agent who can’t be named, to politicians unwilling to risk their careers on action. The new world order of peace and negotiation is a status quo that a China-backed Argentina is relying heavily on in a new attempt to capture the Falklands out from under the British. The question is whether a handful of men approaching their pensions can manage to sway political opinion in London in time to avert a disaster … and if Britain’s pared-down, scattered forces can respond in time if they do.

Storm on the Horizon is an intensely detailed view of the realities of the military and intelligence services through the back door of military supply, undercover agents, and fighters on the front lines of combat, contrasted with news report views massaged into a socially digestible summary. Michael Scheffel’s story-telling gathers disparate threads to provide a multi-faceted view of his subject matter, through the eyes of widely divergent characters. There is a very real sense of frustration and desperation evoked throughout, which adds to the realism of the book. Fans of the genre will revel in the carefully-researched capabilities of the forces involved, as well as the practicalities of the tactics and action-packed engagements.

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite.

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