Lie With Me

Lie With Me is a violent, twisty, absorbing contrast of humdrum and extraordinary that covers all the ground between true love, manipulation, and murder.

Alex is a successful psychiatrist, practising in Melbourne. He isn’t enthralled with his job or his marriage, but they don’t make him violently unhappy. Like a number of people, he’s accepted that his hopes and dreams must come second to paying bills and the mortgage, and he accepts that by the lights of society, he’s fortunate – he’s had to make no sacrifices that make his day-to-day unbearable. However, when a new patient comes into his practice, Alex little expects that his entire life will be irrevocably changed.

Lie With Me is a very well-written story. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked it up, but the technical side is completely and refreshing solid, and I read the book in one sitting. At some points, the story struck me as stretching the bounds of credulity, and possibly the side story of the female student’s disappearance could have benefited from some advance breadcrumbing (if that’s a word), but as a whole the story made for an engrossing read. Alex’s repression of his desires, both intellectual and physical, to conform, is a theme bound to strike a chord with a wide audience. While the consequences of change for him are extreme, well, we don’t pick up books to read about an average experience in the life of the average Joe next door (all right, I concede there are people who read auto-biographies, but I count that self-inflicted). All in all, I found this a very readable story.

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