Fast Track to Glory

Nina Monte is pre-eminent in her field of religious history, so an urgent request to consult with government representatives about a historically significant find discovered at the bottom of Lake Garda is nothing out of the ordinary. However, the oddities about this particular consultation begin to mount swiftly from the odd to the deadly, and Nina finds herself fleeing Italy with a twenty-year old boy under her care, trying to stay one step ahead of an obsessed millionaire willing to do whatever it takes for a chance to live forever…

Fast Track to Glory is a fast-paced thriller that takes the reader on an enthralling journey from Southern Europe to India, woven with local colour and spiced with skillfully-evoked desperation as the pursuit circles closer. Nina Monte is a very relatable protagonist, and her side-kick is a young Italian man, exactly the type that most people have spent time trying to either dodge or discourage at some point, and their unlikely alliance adds a well-written lighter thread to the story. Tomasz Chrusciel’s writing displays a depth of knowledge of the areas he locates his stories in that gives the settings a magic all their own, and the historical background provides a solidly believable basis for the book. This was a very readable story, definitely something worth picking up for any thriller readers out there.

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