Darkness is Coming

Darkness is Coming is an cyber-hacker thriller on the international scale, where the shots fired are both literal and metaphorical. Taryn Booker is an up-and-coming cyber-security expert in a social media network when her job takes on a very personal turn; hackers make a try for her accounts. Back-tracing the attack to a Russian outfit draws her into an investigation that will lead from New York to Russia to Jerusalem, and put her in the line of fire more than once. On whether she can survive and disrupt their plans hangs the fate of her entire city.

Author S M Smith has created a plausible and well-paced thriller, focussing on the underbelly of the online world. Cyber-attacks are a less -common topic in thrillers, and the level of knowledge that went into the writing added to the interest of the read. Booker is an engaging protagonist, intelligent and willing to go the extra mile, and even the anti-hero faces the unusual dilemma of being too bright to fall mindlessly in line with doctrine. I did note one or two cases of what I call ‘the sentient boob’ issue, where breast tissue goes off for a little shimmy of its own under its pink blouse, but thankfully the character to whom said boobs belonged was strongly enough written otherwise that her boobs didn’t become a focus. In summary, I’d definitely recommend this book to fans of Tom Clancy and international crime thrillers.

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