A Cup of Pending

Sometimes a life can turn on the least expected actions. When successful investor (and criminal) Oliver Crews tripped the homeless man in front of him in the coffee queue, he wasn’t expecting anything more than some petty revenge for the delay. Unfortunately for Oliver, his briefcase was the last stop for Tommy and his friend Cliff, and they hatched their own revenge—to the tune of $45 million in laundered drug money, leaving Oliver on the run from the drug cartels, a crooked cop, and, last but by no means least, a reality TV show producer…

A Cup of Pending offers sun, sand, and supermodels in an entertaining combination of unlikely events. With the series of coincidences going off like a string of firecrackers, this well-written thriller is amusing and entertaining by turns, guaranteed to keep you turning pages. The characters are complex and unique, definitely one of the strengths of the story, and the reality show theme carries over well into the storyline. Author Jonah Gibson picked a good plotline to showcase his light-hearted, fast-paced style, making the book eminently readable. I’d recommend this to anyone needing a good beach read—or a glimpse of the Tropics to pick them out of the mid-winter doldrums.

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