Conversations with Larry Xenomorph, Jay Cole

Conversations with Larry Xenomorph, Jay Cole

Conversations with Larry Xenomorph

Jay Cole’s Conversations with Larry Xenomorph starts in a padded cell and a straitjacket. Tony Sterling, New York stock trader, committed the faux pas of appearing in the middle of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor after his lunch break stark naked and claiming that he’d been abducted by aliens. The New York legal and medical systems have a tried and tested procedure in place for that kind of behaviour, and Tony found himself admitted to Sunny Park hospital in short order. His admission to psychiatric care didn’t prevent the alien from beaming him up to orbit at frequent intervals, any more than his decision to tell his doctors the truth persuaded them that he wasn’t delusional. All in all, the only thing Tony had to look forwards to, in his involuntary professional reincarnation as a wise-ass, was feeding Larry as much inaccurate information as the alien would swallow…

Conversations with Larry Xenomorph is a devastatingly, hilariously accurate commentary on every aspect of current society from Facebook to political correctness to the reason for the CIA, as told by a stock broker to an alien from outer space. Jay Cole’s characters are brilliantly depicted and utterly convincing, bringing their own colour to the story, from the engineer who feathers his chess pieces to Nurse Mo’s complete incapacity to use full sentences faced with Nurse Tammy. Peppered with one-line knock-downs and edged with impeccably-timed satire, this book officially marks the first time I’ve ever cried with laughter on a bus. I can’t over-recommend it.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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