Virgo 97: A science-fiction thriller

Virgo 97 is the name of a spacecraft. You could equally call it the spacecraft. More sensitive to CO2 than humans, the last of the bees died last year, and without them, crops and animals are already beginning to die as well. Virgo 97, with four astronauts aboard, is headed to Mars, to initiate the delicate process of terraforming. With the time and the spaceships on hand, Earth may be able to evacuate up to ten percent of the global population before the atmosphere and the declining food supply kills everyone – but unfortunately, CO2 isn’t the only thing that can kill.

Italo Marago’s Virgo 97 exceeded all my expectations. While there were some areas that would have benefited immensely from a copy-edit, and some of the character interactions and reactions need more development, the story overall was brilliantly paced, intricate, and compelling. Playing to themes that are already daily fare in the media, the author created a solid basis for the crime of our times, set in a near-future environment that was completely convincing. Despite the research that had obviously gone into the book, it was well-handled and at no point came close to drowning the story in detail, rather, it added finishing touches. Certainly a book well worth the read for anyone looking for their next sci-fi or crime thriller.

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