Unfathomable Chance

Unfathomable Chance is a sweet, well-written blend of romance and YA sci-fi, with a range of species reminiscent of Star Wars. Thrown from finals week into the piranha pond of interstellar politics, our heroine has a choice of learning to swim very quickly or sink without trace, and while she tries to figure out who murdered her predecessor, half the universe is trying to propose to her. Given that I’m a notorious grump where it concerns YA, when I say that I enjoyed the story, you may take it that I meant the well-written as well. K. T. Munson’s writing is well-paced and imaginative, and the sharp contrast between the mundanity of her protagonist’s family life and the sci-fi elements is used very effectively.

As far as the characters are concerned, Diana came through strongly; perhaps falling a little into the over-omniscient at times, but generally relatable and convincing. However, it was the secondary characters that really made this story for me, especially Kal Zed, the Catorian who assigned himself as Diana’s advisor and protector. Combining many of the key feline tendencies in one furry, warmth-loving, mildly cranky package, the author managed to make a thoroughly plausible argument that cats are a sentient alien species living undercover on Earth.

Overall, the balance between adventure, romance, and crime investigation was excellent. The primary focus was the character interactions, as you might expect, but there was no abrupt Hail Mary save in the final resolution to the investigation, and the romance didn’t hijack the plot. I have no hesitation on dishing out four stars to this book; it was a very enjoyable read.

Reviewed for Knockin’ Books blog.

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