Titan’s Son

Kale Drayton is a Ringer, a descendant of the settlers from the earliest ship to escape the Meteorite, which sought refuge further out in the Solar System than any ship before it. However, since then Earthers have reached Saturn, bringing with them all the brute force of those accustomed to full gravity—and a barrage of diseases. The Ringers have been decimated and driven to near-exile in their own settlements as a consequence. When Kale finds out that his own mother has fallen sick and is imprisoned in the Earther-run quarantine area, he abandons everything to try and save her—and in the process, uncovers a history and a future he’d never imagined.

Titan’s Son is a powerful story of oppression and discrimination, expertly painted in the colours of a science-fiction future set among the moons of Saturn. Rhett Bruno’s society of Ringers comes out of the pages with real life, created in compelling detail and supported by well-thought-out world building. If at times the antagonists are a little too universally and perfectly reprehensible, the Earther corporations’ corruption and favouritism draw on universally-understood issues to evoke strong sympathy for their overmatched adversaries, the Ringers. This was an excellent read, certainly worth recommending to anyone who enjoys a story guaranteed to draw a reader in and make them think.

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