Telonaut (Teloverse Series)

In a future where income is capped, religion is largely under control, and the majority of the population works to improve humanity’s lot, a scientific breakthrough allows space travellers, telonauts, to be transmitted across vast distances of space in years, rather than centuries. In the business of reviewing these societies planted across space is Sero Novak, Telonaut Lead Auditor. Fresh from a personally challenging assignment on Rigil Kentaurus, he arrives on NineDee to find an strangely decentralised society and a series of oddities that refuse to quite add up…until his audit uncovers something stranger than he’d ever dreamt of.

Telonaut is a well-structured sci-fi adventure. With two main protagonists, the interweaving of the plot is smooth and the pacing maintained at a steady pace that compliments the final twist. Sero Novak made for an interesting read; I didn’t get on quite as well with his fellow-protagonist, Mbeki, and especially Mbeki’s wife, who appears to revolve around her husband and his work in the TeloSpace program, but both Sero and his side-kick Prim were well-developed and thoroughly plausible. I also had to give a bow of admiration to the ending plot twist; quite brilliantly set up throughout the story, and handled for maximum impact, author Matt Tyson deserves a round of applause. All in all, a very readable start to the series – highly recommended.

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