Pirate Bound

Women complicate things, Talented woman above all; that rarest resource for the pirate society, the only reliable way to propagate Talent. Dem is the pirate king’s security chief, a rare combination of Talents, both a Hunter and Killer, and there’s a very good reason why those types of Talent don’t have personal relationships. Up until this trip, it’s never been a problem. However, when a tiny Viking-class ship crosses their path, Dem and his crew realise that the only people aboard are female, Talented…and on the run.

Pirate Bound is a great combination of pirate atmosphere and sci-fi setting, playing on the theme of the misunderstood underdogs against a massive totalitarian regime, threaded with vividly evoked, colourful backdrops and unexpected romance. There’s also plenty of action to keep things interesting, from internal fights aboard ship to space skirmishes and epic confrontations of Talent. Carysa Locke writes a compelling set of characters, and the sexual tension between Dem and Sanah is well done, as is Dem’s complete lack of understanding of why his usually well under control emotions are suddenly spinning loose. The story has an interesting slant on ESP, providing a unique set of Talents for the plot and capitalising on lesser-used aspects of others. Definitely a book worth the read, with a guaranteed appeal to sci-fi and romance readers alike.

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