Peace Warriors of the Galaxy: Journey to Lyrica

The epic science-fiction, Peace Warriors of the Galaxy: Journey to Lyrica, by Tessie Jayme, is set in a future where an institution known as the Special Abilities Training Institute explores extraordinary mental abilities of all kinds from telepathy to eidetic memory, and where Earth has made contact and treaties with a planet named Lyrica, home to a race of powerfully telepathic beings. Dwylla and Brig-Aaron, attending a SATI recruitment trial, are picked up immediately for training. Neither they, nor their recruiters, suspect that before they’ve even completely finished their training, they will be part of a team picked to journey covertly to Lyrica to join the Earth Embassy there.

Peace Warriors of the Galaxy: Journey to Lyrica explores an unusual slant on the sci-fi staple of psionic abilities, where Dwylla’s ability to block another’s telepathy is one of the rarest talents. This book is very clearly the first book in a series, with a number of romantic and plot arcs opened, but where the resolutions for almost all of them are held for the second or even the third book. I did feel that the Ryndell character was damaged somewhat by his transformation into the kind of martinet leader who sets edicts, disobeys them, and then demands obeisance from his inferiors. Overall, I found the story to be a pleasant read, although the pacing was impacted by the sheer volume of adjectives that embroidered the many of the descriptions of persons and scenes. The development of Lyrica and the Lyricans also added some interesting touches.

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