Odysseus: Bound

Odysseus: Bound by Stephen Logsden tells the story of the CCEV-3 Odysseus, a first contact ship, designed for stealth and crewed for exploration. Equipped with artificial intelligence and some of the most advanced technology available, Odysseus has encountered nothing beyond bacteria at a hundred uninhabited systems, and frustration has the relations among her crew stretched to breaking point. Initially, system number 144 looks exactly like numbers 1 to 143, at least until the discovery of a huge satellite in an anomalous orbit above the possibly habitable planet. The excitement blows the divisions in the crew into the open, and suddenly the Odysseus is committed to a headlong rush towards the discovery of a lifetime, her power reserves running low and expectations running high. No one could have anticipated what they found.

In Odysseus: Bound, Stephen Logsden creates a richly-textured experience of artificial intelligence and virtual realities, contrasted with the very gritty reality of survival. The depth of technological detail in this book, right down the literal tendencies of AIs, will thrill fans of science-fiction. Lieutenant Barnett Hannum is a strong and credible protagonist, whose lapsed military training allows you to travel along with him as he discovers weaponry that can manufacture its own ammo and evaluate strategy and armour that can integrate with the wearer’s nervous system. His action-packed adventures lead you through despair and triumph on a breath-taking series of discoveries, while the plot poses questions and introduces possibilities that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next installment of the trilogy.

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite.

Odysseus: bound cover

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