Lifeboat at the End of the Universe

Simon Brading’s Lifeboat at the End of the Universe offers humanity its last and only hope for survival as the cycle of the universe approaches its end; the Big Crunch threatens the security and apathy that humanity has known for countless generations. The Lifeboats will take millions of humans, enough for a viable gene pool, and ship them in stasis towards the edge of the universe, hoping to escape the all-devouring black holes sucking all matter in towards the universe core. The humans aboard each will serve three-month watches at widely spaced intervals, just enough to keep their brains from succumbing to the effects of the stasis, under the care of Artificial Humans – and an Adam.

Lifeboat at the End of the Universe offers the ultimate in locked-room mystery, wrapped in a slick science-fiction environment and spiced with tantalising hints of questions aimed at the roots of AI and human psychology. The current Lifeboat crew, a group of ten, showcases the minutiae of stress on relationships, contrasting with the unchanging calm and positivity of their Adam to create a very convincing level of tension in a deliberately calming environment. Focussing on Tom, the group’s Astrophysicist, and the personality clashes he experiences with their Adam, this story accelerates into a twist that will set you back on your heels.

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