What happens in Los Volcanes, Or, Hijo de Xavier

Set in a semi-dystopian future in which the United Nations has taken over government of most of the world, the main story elements appeared to be lucha libre, the details of male costume dress, and the male’s absolute entitlement to any female who catches his eye.

While the initial idea had a lot of promise, as far as I could see its only role in the book was as a backdrop, which was disappointing. I managed to get a third of the way through the story, and then spot-read the rest, in the hopes I was doing the book an injustice, or missing some subtle satire that came through in the later pages, but unfortunately nothing leapt out at me.

Aside from the near-complete lack of plot, the switching around from third person to omniscient and the omnipresent explanations of what a given character was thinking or feeling, as opposed to showing the reactions, added to my difficulties with the read. In addition, the fight descriptions were way over the top to a point that had me shaking my head, which I doubt was the intended result.

This was only the second book in a year that I had to leave as a Did Not Finish. I try really hard not to abandon a read; I know how much blood, sweat, and tears authors put into their books, but unfortunately once in a while it does happen, and What Happens in Los Volcanes, Or Hijo de Xavier was one of those reads for me. The setting was original, the basic concept was good, and the story itself, sadly, started turning me off about ten pages in and never pulled me back.

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