Five Seven Five: The Boy with Words

In Five Seven Five: The Boy with Words, C. E. Wilson has created a remarkable subterranean society, and the protagonist, White Frost, stands out in large part due to her curiosity about what lies beyond the boundaries of all she’s ever known. Her cousin, Shade Frost, is her link to all things mysterious, one of the few in the entire society permitted to go into the Unknown to collect the essentials the society needs. However, when Shade dies, White is left alone in a world that frustrates her, and her behaviour veers more and more towards the erratic … and the Unknown.

C E Wilson creates a very plausible society in the pages of Five Seven Five, peopling it with heroes who risk themselves for everyone’s gain, Creators, and all-powerful authority figures bent on maintaining the status quo. The tension in the plot is woven through from the beginning, with fear of discovery by the authorities, fear of the unknown, and fear of trusting others all threading in. White’s stubborn refusal to do what she’s supposed to, and her insistence on learning all that there is to know adeptly arouses the reader’s sympathy and makes her a compelling heroine, and her awkwardness with dating and romance will resonate with many. Definitely worth the read!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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