Trumpocalypse Now

Set in a future where the orange troll has brought about the apocalypse, I had to give Trumpocalypse Now at least a few stars for entertainment value, even though I’m generally not a fan of political satire.

The novella starts in a deceptively genuine dystopian setting, with our hero scavenging for medical supplies, but after the first section, the story becomes increasingly satirical, and the segue into the fairy story of how the troll caused the apocalypse is a blatant, entertaining parallel to the current US election.

The language of Trumpocalypse Now is full of nods to the genre, with references such as ‘like pancake orange makeup it disguised a most disgusting sight’, and the ‘Secret Service’ episode ends up describing every act of the troll and Brandon screwing Ligeia in political terms. The cameo description of Aglaopë as Hillary at the end was a particularly nice touch.

However, the structure of the book was more focussed on scoring the satirical points than on readability, with the result that while it gave me several grins, I wasn’t really captured by it. I also found that the editorial side could have used some more attention, with occasional misspellings and punctuation oddities detracting from the read.

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