A Clone Legacy

A Clone Legacy leaves Torb fleeing his home planet after the death of his parents, alone in the universe but for his ship and a hold full of supplies. When that last link to home is blown out from under him, Torb finds himself rescued by one of the strangest-looking ships he’s ever seen, piloted by an AI named Miss Prim that needs a human to pilot it and its sister ships on its mission to begin a cryo facility of embryonic material on an out-of-the-way planet. However, when Torb’s need for a less nutritious meal requires a detour, a random encounter with a beautiful slave girl adds an entire new aspect to his life.

Paul Chaplin’s story offers exotic spaceships, a range of humanoid politics, and a slightly tubby middle-aged hero with an unexpectedly resilient streak. From his ability to nap leaving the crater that was his family home all his life to taking on a rescue mission of giant aliens, Torb takes everything in his stride. A Clone Legacy had several things going for it, but I felt it was lacking depth in some areas that would have earnt it a higher star rating, including character development. The plot also goes on a galactic journey of exploration before you learn the true purpose behind Torb’s mysterious rescue ships and why some people are so invested in seeing him dead. Overall, I found that this book was an entertaining, light sci-fi read that could have benefited from a little bit more development.

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