The Chronocar

Bored students will get into trouble. Always. In this case, Tony, a gifted young engineering student, has stumbled across an obscure article dating to the early 1900s, discussing how to build a vehicle to move through time – and has built a successful prototype. Determined to meet the genius whose idea it originally was, Tony sets his first journey through time to the time and address of Dr. Johnson. However, his arrival sparks a brutal race riot, and in his efforts to fix the fallout caused by his presence, Tony finds himself more and more embroiled…

Steve Bellinger’s The Chronocar is a striking story, based on the well-loved sci-fi theme of time travel, and the paradoxes that it spawns. The threads of race and survival woven into the plot add depth, not to mention food for thought, and reading gives the feeling of strands of causality twisting and parting at every turn, while the characters meshed in the web live and die with them. This book snared my interest early on, and held it right through to the end, making it a highly satisfying read with a very nice twist in the finale. Certainly something I would recommend to any sci-fi enthusiasts.

The Chronocar cover

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