Call to War: Storm Champion

Malaran Ashoka is a part-time princess. The rest of the time, she’s studying to join the Order of Calista, a sect of warrior mystics able to see into the Void and predict the future. In ages past, those of their Order were the only ones able to use the Void to pilot spaceships; now, with the first interstellar ship  to visit Nuevo in centuries over their heads, Malaran and the Calistite priestesses have to ask themselves if those aboard are allies – or the ancient enemy of man.

Call to War: Storm Champion Book One offers a very unique backdrop, composed of a kaleidoscope of Earth cultures spread across the galaxy. With terms and place names drawn from most major Earth languages and cultures, it’s an interesting take on how interstellar colonisation could play out. While the characters do in many ways draw on established archetypes such as the tyrant, the warrior princess, etc., most of the major players do display some quirk of history or mannerism to set them apart, and the plot is well-paced and organised. The book shows strong indications of being the first in a series, opening more plotlines than it closes, but it’s perfectly well enough written to stand alone. Definitely a story that fans of sci-fi and fantasy will enjoy.

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