Book of the Wonders of the Galaxy

The account of an impossible traveller, his stories spanning impossible distances, Book of the Wonders of the Galaxy is a guidebook to many worlds, a vignette of places that most travellers will never see, including glimpses inside the mysterious stations and cities of the sapient AI. Winding up on Earth, home of mankind, the writer adds some interesting points on evolution, civilisation, and human psychology to wind up his epic journey.

This book is essentially a series of short stories, each featuring the protagonist’s experience on a given world. While the amount of thought and imagination that had been put into each setting blew me away, I found that the structure of the book was a little too true to the theme of a guidebook to make it easy for me to read; each section offered me a perfect point at which to stop and get distracted. That said, I can’t fail to admire the attention to detail and uniqueness of the individual stories, and the finale offered some intriguing food for thought. I can honestly says that this book will be a treat for anyone looking for a non-standard sci-fi read, and a godsend for sci-fi writers in need of something to get them over writers’ block.

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