Blue Vision: The Code of Endhivar Series Book 1

Ganardebragh Trantusa, aka Colin Fielding, is one of the team sent to research and evaluate new worlds and civilisations in search of a new homeworld. Ganardebragh has been assigned to a planet named Earth, and he’s aware it may not be an easy mission. Ships have vanished there. He expected the population to be dangerous; he didn’t expect to have his crash landing observed. He really didn’t expect to fall irresistibly in love with the wary, emotionally damaged woman who came to see what had happened. In fact, nothing about Earth was exactly what he’d imagined…not even where it concerned his own race.

Marie Lavender’s Blue Vision: Code of Endhivar Series is an entertaining, well-paced romance read, starring a hunky alien explorer, a rough landing, and a woman on a solitary holiday. The book definitely has a number of strong points, not least of which the author’s undoubted imagination and story-telling ability. It’s also very solid technically, which I always appreciate: there are no typos and other grammatical nuisances to yank a reader out of the story, and the scene-setting is evocative and detailed. I found that Colin’s complete change of heart (can’t give too many details without a massive spoiler here) halfway through the book was a little unheralded, but it certainly allows for a very nice, dramatic wounded-hero scene.

So why three stars? Feeling Grinch-y? I have to admit, I’m a cynic. I don’t believe in love at first sight. I can, plied with sufficient alcohol, just about crank my credulity high enough to credit lust at first sight; after all, that’s largely based on pheromones and sure, maybe. Given that, I found that the immediate falling in love aspect of the plot stretched my ability to suspend my belief a trifle. It’s why I make a lousy romance reviewer, and this, despite the sci-fi elements, is definitely a romance story first and foremost. All that said, I think romance readers (as opposed to cynics like me) would highly enjoy this book; it’s got location, it’s got love at first sight, it’s got sexy scenes, and it’s well-written.

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