AndroDigm Park 2067

Androdigm Park 2067 takes on the themes of AI, the pursuit of hedonism, and mixes them with a murder mystery in this intriguing sci-fi story. When Shelby goes into the nightclub known as Lucifer’s Pleasure Cave, he’s expecting someone to resist arrest, which happens, and not expecting to have to rescue the attractive barmaid – which also happens. When Scarlet turns out to come with her own high-powered enemies, Shelby’s caseload suddenly doubles down, and he finds himself in more trouble than anyone needs.

This story started out with very much a dystopia feel. It stirred in the concepts of AI, resistance to AI, and a government actively pushing sex to its populations to avoid any insurrection, and introduced the protagonists; a bounty hunter / cop trying to compensate for his own perceived failures, and an ex-sex junkie. As they form a reluctant team to uncover and stop their enemies, Scarlet and Shelby find themselves drawn into a series of strange adventures. Not the least of these was that they found themselves forced to enter a virtual dreamland set around Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table, which did feel a little contrived to me, but overall, I found the concepts of the story were interesting, and the writing itself was well-paced.

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