2018 reviews and overview at By Rite of Word!

2018 is the second full year that By Rite of Word has been up and running, and we’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of great books in and reviewed. As always, the first order of business is to say ‘thank you’ to all the authors who have been willing to share their stories with us – thank you for sharing, and thank you for writing. The world always needs more storytellers.

To quote Sherlock Holmes ‘give me data, I cannot make bricks without clay’ – so here’s the 2018 reviews in review!

Books reviewed


5 star reviews


4 star reviews

As I said, a lot of awesome books; a five-star review means that someone blew our socks off, totally wowed us, and obtained a new author-stalker (anyone been having that sensation of binoculars on them??). We also tweet about those five-star books regularly, or as regularly as our organisation level permits, so as to get the news out to as many people as possible.

Oh, and we also absolutely do have favourites. Here are the top three in the genres that we read from 2018:


Our #1 top pick out of 15 great sci-fi reads this year….

Stalk the author in their lair and on Amazon!


And, our #1 winner out of the 6 thrillers we read…

Stalk the author in their lair and on Amazon!


Our #1 top pick of the 20 fantasy books we reviewed…

Stalk the author in their lair and on Amazon!

So if you have a few days off, and no idea what to read, pick up one (or more!) of those and enjoy – they’re our top picks from the 2018 reviews.

And remember – leave a review and make an author happy.

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