2017 – it’s a wrap!

By Rite of Word started up in March 2016, so 2017 is our first full year up and reviewing. (We’re a little bit excited about this.)

We’ve had a lot of awesome indie and trad-pub books come in for review, which makes the first order of business saying ‘thank you’ to the authors willing to share their work with us. No matter if we gave you a 1-star or a 5-star, you wrote a book. The world needs more people writing books. Kudos to you, you crazy one-of-a-kinds – keep going and keep sending us your stuff. We’ll read and review as many as we possibly can.

So, without further ado, what exactly was that voodoo that we did?

Books reviewed


5 star reviews


4 star reviews

…You noticed that we’re evil, evil sods with our ratings? We mean that bit about ‘Free, honest, and independent’ in our headers. So if you get a 5-star rating, it’s not something we give out in cereal packets. Nor are our 4-stars, so 41% of the books we review getting one indicates some seriously great writing coming into our inbox. Keep it up!

And, because we totally do play favourites…our top picks for each of the genres we review from 2017!


Our #1 top pick out of 35 great sci-fi reads this year….

Stalk the author in their lair and on Amazon!


Our #1 top pick of the 24 fantasy books we reviewed…

Stalk the author in their lair and on Amazon!


And, our #1 winner out of the 15 thrillers we read…

Stalk the author in their lair and on Amazon!

Yep…in case you have a few days off coming and were wondering what to read, grab at least one of those.

Actually, even if you don’t have some time off coming up (although we hope you do…) you should totally treat yourself anyway. Be good to yourselves in 2018!

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