Wayfarer’s Highway

Orson Gregory was just expelled from high school for allegedly attacking a prominent businessman. In small-town America, this makes him locally infamous.  His parents are forced to sell their farm – and the crumbling factory built on its outskirts – to get the charges dropped. However, just because Orson doesn’t believe his life can get weirder, doesn’t mean that life shares his opinion. When he takes a final walk through the ruined factory, he makes a discovery that will change his life forever. Whether or not he will survive it is anyone’s guess…

Wayfarer’s Highway is one of those stories that neatly straddles the normal and the impossible, couching the world of the supernatural in a seamless setting of the utterly mundane.  Peter Petrack’s writing offers the reader the possibility that there may be more to life than they think, and that anyone may become a hero, no matter how unlikely.  While the story plays heavily to finding the one key ally in an unexpected place to save our protagonist’s life and keep the quest going, the book is well-paced and imaginative, dealing with a threat that no one takes seriously until everyone’s way of life is threatened. Definitely a well-timed and thought-provoking read, this is a book I’d recommend to any readers of fantasy out there.

Wayfarer's Highway cover

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