How to Get Arrested

Zurik D’Vordi, monster slayer, is the hero of The Starsboro Chronicles: How to Get Arrested. Grandson of the richest man in the state of North Carolina, Zurik’s ancestry makes him uniquely qualified to hunt and kill the creatures that would otherwise prey on humanity – ghouls, fey, and anything else that goes bump in the night. Rooting out a fey nest preying on young women in the small town of Starsboro, however, gets unexpectedly complicated when Morgan Benson, the only woman in the local PD, turns out to have no idea what ‘back off’ means, and an even shakier grasp of self-preservation.

How to Get Arrested is a light read, entertaining and fast-moving, its dialogue flecked with idiomatic American dialect that lends it an air of authenticity. Zurik and Morgan make an entertaining partnership, his arrogance striking sparks from her professional suspicions of him at every turn. Overall, I felt this novella would have benefited from a thorough copy-edit, as the technical issues were omnipresent enough to call my attention out of the story on a frequent basis, but the plot and the characters were sound enough to net it three stars despite that. I’ll definitely be watching for more Cameron J Quinn books – this was a good urban fantasy story, well worth the read.

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