Equilibrium: the First Signal

The general concept for Equilibrium: The First Signal is a promising take on the urban fantasy classic of a magical society living hidden beside, or in this case, above, London; think Harry Potter meets the Marvel comics.

Unfortunately, the book itself failed to live up to the premise. The start of the book jumps around to introduce all the major players, giving it a rather choppy start. In addition, the technical aspect of the writing makes this a difficult read to remain absorbed in. From multiple grammar and spelling errors on literally every page to similes scattered through the story that are frankly unfortunate, the writing got in the way of the story in almost every way possible.

The characters were slightly stronger than the general writing, with possibly the most convincing aspect of the book lying in the back story, but the interactions between characters were lacking that crucial draw for me. It felt as if they would frankly all have benefited from some more work and a lot more depth. Add to that the unfortunate simile syndrome undermining the exchanges and I found that they failed to achieve the effect that was probably originally intended.

Overall, this was the second book all year I thought seriously about not finishing. I try really, really hard not to DNF books, but this one skirted very close. When something makes me wince on every page I turn, admitted editorial nut that I am, it makes it impossible for me to enjoy a read.

Reviewed for Knockin’ Books

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