Dark Hunger

Dark Hunger follows the small private investigations firm of Sunday and Grey, run by a pair of ex-cops tired of the corruption in the system. When Peter Sunday takes on a missing-persons case, he expects a typical story of a young Latino man run away to join a gang. He doesn’t expect it to tie into a string of shady get-rich-quick offers, murders, and disappearances going back months, and it isn’t until sources start turning up dead that he begins to see the deadly connections. However, even Peter, with all the cynicism imbued by years in the police force, has no way to predict the nightmare he’s going to find…

Demetrius Sherman’s novella offers a solid supernatural thriller, where the clues to the supernatural elements are laid early in the plot, allowing the reader to watch Peter stumbling closer and closer to the heart of the mystery while remaining completely oblivious to the danger. While I didn’t find the way the characters were written made me particularly sympathetic towards them, and in many places the writing got in the way of the story for me, I did find that contrast between the supernatural clues and the detective fixated on finding a normal explanation was an interesting, well-structured aspect to the story. Overall, despite feeling that the characters could benefit from more development, Dark Hunger certainly shouldn’t be dismissed, especially for thriller and suspense readers.

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