In Bounty, the ass-kicking sequel to Blood Ties, Jill and her partner Ramon are called to investigate a gruesome murder – just another wonderful day in Homicide, or so they assume. However, Dr. Roberts’ murder quickly turns out to be only the start of Jill’s problems, as his death threatens to bring the top-secret modifications she underwent in the Army out in public – something the military and the unscrupulous billionaire who bankrolled the research will do anything to prevent. Jill is reluctantly forced to face the fact that to solve this case, she may have no option but to reveal her other identity to the world.

J D Cunegan’s storytelling adds that little something extra to this book to mix Bounty’s vigilante struggles, Jill’s investigative work, and the interpersonal relations between the characters into an explosive plotline. Facing the loss of her badge and betrayal by the one person she was certain she could trust, Jill’s struggle to keep going and stay alive makes for a powerful page-turner, her strength as a character making the fantasy elements eminently plausible. Studded with double-crosses, deadly stunts, and corruption in high places, this book is guaranteed to keep you turning pages right through to the end.

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