The Heirs of Lydin: The Ap’Lydin Chronicles Book 1

Bellaydin Ap’Lydin is a human living in the kingdom of Aderilund, looked down on by the elves as a semi-primitive lesser species. Along with his half-elven sister, Polnygar, elven society as a whole would prefer that neither one of them existed. Only the influence of their elven mother in the ruling Council has kept them safe for so long—but now there are forces at work outside the borders of the elven lands that are beyond anyone’s control. Bellaydin and Polnygar are about to be caught up in events, and, inevitably, one of them will manifest as the Heir of Lydin…

The Heirs of Lydin is a YA fantasy story set amid vividly-drawn societies—the powerful, arrogant civilisation of the elves, the feudal structure of the perennially warring humans, the scholarly Numoi, and many more. Aidan Hennessy has created a colourful, detailed backdrop for this first novel in the Ap’Lydin Chronicles. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the character development was quite as convincing and enthralling as the world-building, with characters and dialogue that could, in places, have benefited from a little more depth. This book is also clearly the beginning of a series, leaving tantalising hints of the story to come, but overall it was a well-paced, enjoyable read.

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