The Eagle’s Flight: The Chronicles of Adalmearc, 1 – 3

The Eagle’s Flight tells of a troubled time in Adalmearc’s history; with an infant king on the throne, Sigvard’s line is weakened, there is insurgence among the barbarians on the far side of the Langstan wall, and powerful nobles jockey for power that rightly belongs to the throne. Rivalry is the order of the day, and there are influences within the capital of Middanhal willing to play those forces against each other, no matter the cost to the kingdom. As the net of information stretching across the kingdom trembles to the news, the Order of Adal has no choice but to try to keep the peace.

This book offers a rich and complex fantasy epic with a distinctly Nordic feel. The story’s perspectives span a kingdom, and its cast of characters reaches from the commander of the Order’s armies to a kitchen girl. Despite or because of the number of pieces in play, author Daniel E. Olsen has a masterly hand on the threads of the story. Although in some sections the level of description occasionally slows the pacing, it wasn’t enough to prevent me from enjoying the read. The characters are by and large well-developed, with plenty of depth and their own motivations, which always helps to draw me into a story, and the political backdrop of the various areas is convincingly detailed. Fans of this genre will be certain to find this a treat.

The Eagle's Flight cover

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