Tangled Web

Arrynna is an orphan, whose stories of myths and monsters leave her on psychiatric medication at a young age. When she is the only witness to her adoptive brother’s disappearance, and all she will say is that the monster took him, her adopters put her back into the system, and Ryne spends years institutionalised. By the time she is finally adopted again, she has learned not to speak of what she sees – and her strategy works, right up until she accidentally walks into a Lord of Faerie on the street. The world of Faerie has ignored her only so long as it believed Arrynna could not see it…

LW Tichy’s world of Tangled Web pulls on all the threads of our childhood fairy tales, with beings from the realms of Faerie walking glamoured amongst humans. The character-building is credible, well-geared for the YA genre, and the descriptions are well-done, evocative and colourful without sweeping the reader off their feet in a flood of adjectives. The story provides a light and cheerful read that nonetheless draws on serious themes, from the need of a child to feel it belongs to the power of trust and friendship. Definitely a worthwhile read with much to offer for YA and fantasy readers alike.

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