Sky Road Walker

He wakes up with no memory, in the middle of nowhere, with the only clue to his origins the fact that he can walk the mystical Sky Road. Falling face-first into the riptide of political intrigue surrounding the empty throne of the Empire, the Sky Road Walker, as he becomes known, is faced with choices at every turn; choices that can bring unimaginable rewards or terrible fates. With no context and no memory, he makes them as best he can, relied upon by the powerful leaders of the Empire’s factions to advise them and make these decisions.

Sky Road Walker is a most enjoyable epic fantasy from author S. M. Carrière, featuring the well-loved fantasy themes of a usurped throne, a hidden heir, and a dangerous quest for a magical artifact. The world-building is solid and detailed, giving the plot a strong background, and the magic is never portrayed as an easy way out, which was a relief. Overall, the only implausible element was that the man with amnesia was at every turn, expected to make the choices on behalf of the leaders of armies and countries. While the plot turned around it, and the writing was plenty good enough to rate four stars anyway, that was the element that had me asking ‘…but why on earth…?’ all the way through. Despite that, I would recommend this read unhesitatingly to fans of fantasy – it’s a very good, well-written read.

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