Rainbird is a half-breed, child of an eiree and a human. As a child, she was forced to work as a circus act, her vestigial wings damaged to prevent any hope of escape. When she killed to escape, she became a fugitive from human law, and her father became the only one willing to shelter her. When Rainbird discovers a huge expanse of bonerot infesting the sunway, the source of heat and light for human settlement, the authorities react with disturbing indifference. However, behind the facade of indifference are political and species conflicts not safe to tangle with – and Rainbird and her father are caught in the middle.

Rainbird is a powerful view into the life of a despised half-breed, a child of nether the eiree nor of humanity, and shunned by both. Her overwhelming loneliness is one of the driving forces of the story, and her wary, fugitives’ view of the society she lives in is compelling. Despite or because of the very serious themes of race, isolation, and discrimination underlying the story, this is a gripping book, the whole woven into a fast-paced sci-fi / fantasy read that readers of both genres will enjoy. Rabia Gale’s unique talent for writing very different, very plausible worlds and societies is guaranteed to keep you fascinated until the last page.


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