The Pirate’s Challenge

What if…you could move back and forth along the timeline, supplanting someone from that timeline and living their lives for a time? The Pirate’s Challenge introduces us to Sam Vives, a teenager from Catalonia, who is one of the minority of the population able to displace himself through time, and Sam’s first inkling that there’s something a little different about him is when he shuts his eyes in a rainstorm and opens them aboard a pirate ship in the Caribbean, about to capture a French prize. Luckily for Sam, he knows how to use a sword. Unluckily, he’s not the only one able to Displace, and the competition for Teach’s diamond is about to get fierce.

Simon Brading’s protagonist is your average teenage boy, with very non-average skills. Luckily for Sam, his favourite sport is fencing, not Nintendo, and his experiences in Port Royal when piracy was at its height are filled with rum, banquets, and white sand beaches, not to mention a friendly competition between pirate crews for control of Teach’s empire and a diamond the size of a man’s fist. The Pirate’s Challenge is a light-hearted take on the period, playing to children’s dreams of commanding pirate ships and bringing the Tropics to life on the page. An ideal read for the YA bracket.

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