Paths of the Shadow: Quest of the Messenger 1

When Dr. Nicholas Swift meets the daughter of his high school sweetheart at a reunion he’d planned to avoid, he didn’t expect that she would end up working for him, or that their collaboration would find him visiting the Stone Circle with a tabloid journalist. He certainly didn’t expect to end up travelling the Stormglass gates to a different world to take his place at the centre of a key event that would define their civilisation. Cataclysmic events have a tendency to change people, and Dr. Swift isn’t the only one to find that sometimes, you have to face losing your life to understand what’s most important to you…

Paths of the Shadow is one of those books that rewards a little patience. While the first few pages come across as incredibly mundane, as Dr. Swift is prodded into attending a pointless social event, the book quickly gathers steam and colour, weaving together a complex set of characters and story arcs that focus on love, loss, and change. Author Hannah Ross uses a unique, archaic style of writing well-suited to the main setting of the story, and her characters are for the most part well-rounded and plausible. Once the story gets fully underway, the plot is well-paced and well-written, and is most definitely worth the read for fans of epic fantasy.

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