Goandria: Visions of War

Goandria: Visions of War is the story of Aron, an archris knight, one of the few remaining elite defenders of the Three Republics, whose armies had thinned over years of peace. Aron has the misfortune to be a keystone of history, father to a seer and the focus of the Republics’ enemy, and the outbreak of war doesn’t leave him time to mourn his own losses as his fate sends him all over the embattled country, trying to save what he can from the oncoming hordes. Given the size of the army under the command of the evil wizard Zontose, it seems that nothing short of a miracle will save the smoking wreckage of the Republics from complete destruction.

Goandria: Visions of War embodies all the elements of classic high fantasy – knights, exotic races in the hidden places of the storyline, and evil wizards bent on world domination with armies of monsters at their disposal. While R. Michael’s plot showed a solid grasp of story structure, I found that the character development lacked depth, with dialogue that came across as forced in places, as well as emotional responses from the characters to situations and people that made me blink from time to time. However, overall the book was an enjoyable read, with hints of more books to come.

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