Gifted is an intriguing read, and Avery’s first-person storytelling will entice you into her life at a British university, complete with friends with bad taste in nightclubs and the cliques endemic to the lifestyle. The plausibility of J A George’s characters makes the contrast with Avery’s other life all the more compelling, as Avery’s chance encounter with one of the secretive ‘gifted’ people submerges her willy-nillly in a hidden world of telepathy and fire-raisers, bringing its own dangers and its own set of friends.

The book offers a nice blend of action and personal drama, and while the YA romance is present, it doesn’t hijack the real storyline, which is a refreshing change from many other books in the genre. The dating scene is humorously awkward, with a classic love triangle to keep the angst in play as Avery tries desperately to understand and control the fundamental changes in her life.

The book is clearly the first in a series; the build-up to the overarching plot is relatively slow in this first book, with the main focus on the characters and Avery’s discovery of her gifts, and the ending of Gifted is a clear cliffhanger to the next book. Despite this, I enjoyed this story. It was technically sound, and the storytelling was entertaining and light-hearted, with the fictional and supernatural elements well blended in. Definitely a solid four stars.

Reviewed for Knockin’ Books.

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