Flux: A Sunless World Novel

Flux is the sequel to Quartz: The Sunless World Book One, and follows Rafe as he flees the political dangers of Oakhaven to the exotic garden city of Monaria. Abandoned by Isabella, Rafe has been left in the care of Sable Monarique, once a notorious Oakhaven actress. Rafe and Sable, faced with the echoes of her family‚Äôs disgrace, have to overcome a series of obstacles in their quest to find teachers for Rafe’s unprecedented gift of magic, and quickly find themselves instead entangled in a murderous net of magic and intrigue and facing an enemy who has no care for the dead they leave behind them.

Rabia Gale’s intense imagery and incredible imagination make Flux just as rewarding and unique a read as Quartz, with skillful scene-setting and strong, consistent characters. Her ability to create detailed and plausible societies makes each of these books one of those stories that you go on thinking about long after you put it down, and then bring out to re-read on rainy days. Showcasing well-paced adventure, and plots ornamented with clues to keep the reader guessing, the character interactions and Rafe’s irrepressible sense of humour really make this a great read for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, or steampunk.

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