Day of the Dragonking: The Last American Wizard

On the Day of the Dragonking, Steve Rowan, a broke freelance journalist, is woken in the middle of the night by an aero crash that didn’t happen, and reality as he knows it begins to unravel (and leak purple slime). When his cell phone turns out to be infested by a wiseass ghost (who may be more important to saving the world than he is), and a SEAL who believes he can fly shows up at his door with a cleanliness-obsessed BMW, Steve may continue to doubt that he’s the all-important Fool, but he strongly suspects someone’s making a fool of him somewhere.

Edward Irving’s story is a lighthearted urban fantasy comedy that turns the idea of a conventional terror attack on its head, peppered with snarky one-liners and entertaining protagonists. The storyline is filled with cameo characters drawn from every mythology from Salvadorean volcano dogs to the Tarot, each exerting their own cryptic influence on the plot, often in a way bound to be hilariously detrimental to whatever plan Master Chief Morningstar and Steve have hatched to save reality, and the action is well-paced and well-supported by the plot. I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable read, I highly recommend it.

Day of the Dragonking cover

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