Capering on Glass Bridges (The Hawk of Stone Duology, Book 1)

Capering on Glass Bridges is a heartwarming YA fantasy, told from the point of view of Kaia, the middle daughter of the respectable Stone family. Kaia’s strict father and loving but flaky mother create a solidly familiar framework for the reader, allowing the author to build her fantasy from a base her audience will immediately recognise. It also provides a good contrast with Kaia’s uniqueness; alone of her family, she hasn’t paired with a canonipom, the physical alter ego that all her people have.

I found that the underlying plot for the book was well-conceived, but the clues in the story line are in places introduced from nowhere (for example, we find out why Kaia is so different a good third of the way into the book, more or less completely unheralded, and it’s a doozy). Also, the book’s overwhelming focus on character emotions did occasionally detract from the adventure for me, and while the secondary characters play to friendly and familiar themes, some of them would have benefited from some quirk or oddity to help them avoid being easily stereotyped.

All that said, the world-building is highly imaginative, and the fantasy elements are unique and well done, especially the various races that feature in the story, leading me to say it definitely earned its three stars.

Reviewed for Knockin’ Books.

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