Angel’s Kiss

Melanie Tomlin’s Angel’s Kiss is the story of Helena, call-girl and ex-cocaine addict. Dying is her first clue that her night isn’t going to go as they usually do, and waking up with a guy squatting next to her and claiming to be an angel doesn’t really help. Danizriel’s statement that vampires, werewolves, and angels are all real, and that Helena is now most likely both angelic and a vampire, sets Helena on course for a new life; one filled with danger and peopled with myths.

Angel’s Kiss is a unique take on angel mythology, drawing on the stories of Satan’s fall and intertwining it with vampires, werewolves, and angelic power politics. Melanie Tomlin’s angels are psychologically similar to human men, subject to the same lusts, jealousies, and propensity for violence that is usually deemed to be the bastion of humanity, offering an ironic commentary on creation in a deity’s image. The story is peppered with action and drama, not least due to the flaring physical attraction between Danizriel and Helena. I did find that Helena came across as a little shallow as a character, but a little bit more character development would definitely make this book one to recommend.

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