Serenity: A Shelby Alexander thriller

It’s been a long time since Shelby Alexander was a prize fighter. In the years since, he’s drifted back to small-town America: the small town of Serenity, to be exact. Divorced from his wife, he enjoys the local pub, the fishing, and the peace of the woods—not to mention the occasional shootouts with the local drug dealers. The Ellis family has been the lynch-pin for trouble in the area since the trouble was running alcohol around the Prohibition, and now they’re facing competition, and they’re desperate. It’s not a good combination, any way you look at it.

Craig A. Hart’s Serenity is a solid action thriller, set in backwoods Michigan where the brutality spatters across pristine wilderness. Shelby makes a credible, relatable anti-hero; aging and trying to ignore it, with trouble with the law in his past and a drinking problem in the present that he doesn’t try very hard to hide. Shelby isn’t the only character worth talking about—the secondary characters are convincing, fun, and detailed. The action is largely credible, and the plot is well-paced, with the insertion of a classic twist to clinch the storyline. The writing was also refreshingly well-edited, making the book a pleasure to read. This story will definitely make fans of classic action very happy—I recommend it.

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